Frequently Asked Questions

Do Notch Apps work without internet connection?

Account related actions such as logging in and out, pairing Notches, syncing data, or resetting the account requires internet access. However your movements does not need internet access.

How do I turn on notch?

Slightly squeeze the Notch device in the middle to turn on. It should light up turquoise. If it does not react, do not force press it - put it in the dock and give it some time to charge.

How can multiple users work with notches without interferring?

All users get a random assigned “channel”, that their notches operate on. In case of channel conflict, you can change the channel from the app’s “My notches” section.

How long does it take to fully charge the devices?

It takes about 1 hour to charge your devices under sufficient power (>500mAh). During charging, the notch blinks green - when the battery is close to full, the device shines green.

How long can I charge the devices?

We recommend to unplug the dock after more than 6 hours of charging.

What’s the general workflow to start capturing?

  1. Make sure you have enough paired notches.
  2. Calibrate your notches if necessary.
  3. Select configuration, put on the notches.
  4. Do a steady pose and wait for the app to process it.
  5. Start a capture.

Where can I get the exported files?

On Android you can get the exported files in /SDCard/notch_library folder

What can I do if I have trouble pairing notch?

Make sure you have Internet connection. Try resetting the BLE / Wifi adapter of your Android. Turn on the GPS, make sure you have signal. Try restarting the App.

Do I need to place notches on some particular part of the limb?

Make sure you have notches on the outside of the body part and that they are roughly in the center.

Why is Steady necessary?

During the Steady pose the notches will memorize their orientation so that it is matched to the predefined skeleton pose. It is important that you follow instructions for the steady pose as close as possible.

Why and when can I skip the Steady?

When using this feature, the steady pose is taken from the first 2 seconds of any capture. Obviously, the capture needs to start from the steady pose. We recommend this feature in more dynamic actvities where the straps may move between sessions, e.g. high jumping.