Frequently Asked Questions


Do Notch Apps work without internet connection?

Account related actions such as logging in and out, pairing Notches, syncing data, or resetting the account requires internet access. However your movements does not need internet access.

How do I turn on notch?

Slightly squeeze the Notch device in the middle to turn on. It should light up turquoise. If it does not react, do not force press it - put it in the dock and give it some time to charge.

How can multiple users work with notches without interferring?

All users get a random assigned “channel”, that their notches operate on. In case of channel conflict, you can change the channel from the app’s “My notches” section.

How long does it take to fully charge the devices?

It takes about 1 hour to charge your devices under sufficient power (>500mAh). During charging, the notch blinks green - when the battery is close to full, the device shines green.

How long can I charge the devices?

We recommend to unplug the dock after more than 6 hours of charging.

What’s the general workflow to start capturing?

  1. Make sure you have enough paired notches.
  2. Calibrate your notches if necessary.
  3. Select configuration, put on the notches.
  4. Do a steady pose and wait for the app to process it.
  5. Start a capture.

Where can I get the exported files?

On Android you can get the exported files in /SDCard/notch_library folder

What can I do if I have trouble pairing notch?

Make sure you have Internet connection. Try resetting the BLE / Wifi adapter of your Android. Turn on the GPS, make sure you have signal. Try restarting the App.

Do I need to place notches on some particular part of the limb?

Make sure you have notches on the outside of the body part and that they are roughly in the center.

Why is Steady necessary?

During the Steady pose the notches will memorize their orientation so that it is matched to the predefined skeleton pose. It is important that you follow instructions for the steady pose as close as possible.

Why and when can I skip the Steady?

When using this feature, the steady pose is taken from the first 2 seconds of any capture. Obviously, the capture needs to start from the steady pose. We recommend this feature in more dynamic actvities where the straps may move between sessions, e.g. high jumping.

Getting started

Where can I order a kit?

You can order Notch Pioneer kit from our website:

How do I use Notch Pioneer?

You need to get Notch Pioneer Kit and then download Notch Pioneer app for the smartphone OS of your liking. You can either use our Pioneer application or develop your own using our SDK

How do I use Notch Pioneer?

For Android you can download from the google play store. For iOS from the appstore

Notch Pioneer iOS:

Notch Pioneer Android:

Do I need to sign up?

To use Pioneer app and access your measurements in your Web Library you need to sign up in the app and on the site with the same e-mail address.

How do I turn on the notches?

Gently squeeze the middle of each notches until it shines up with a torquouise light.

What is the minimal system requirement for devices to operate the notches and the pionneer app?

Either Android 5.1 (api 22) or iOS 10. Minimum requirement for the device is that it supports Bluetooth 4.0. For Android we highly recommend to use devices produced by the major manufacturer (Samsung, LG etc.). You can use Notch with either smarpthones or tablets.


Why do I need to pair my notches?

Pairing grants a license to your notch devices for use with the dedicated application.

Are the notches paired only with my device?

No. Your notches are paired with your Notch account.

Do I need to pair my notches every time I turn on/off the app?

No. Your notches remain paired with your account regardless of the device you use.

Is there a limit for pairing notches?

There is no limit for the number of paired devices, however thre is a technical limit to how many devccices you can connect and use simultaneously. The recommended stable maximum is 18 notches.

I have trouble pairing some of my notches. What can I do?

Make sure only one notch is turned on while pairing. Depending on the network connection and specifics of the particular smartphone it may take several attempts to pair a notch. If you encounter any errors during the pairing process try resetting the bluetooth and wifi (turn on/off) of your smartphone / tablet.


Why do I need to calibrate?

Device calibration garantees optimal sensor performance.

How often should I re-calibrate my notches?

Re-calibrate your notches if you move to a location with a significant different environment. For example: from an outdoor track to an indoor gym.

Some of my notches failed to calibrate, why is that?

Make sure you perform the calibration away from metals. For example - a few steps away from computers and cars.


What is the difference between real time and normal capture?

Real time capture simultaneously shows your movements in the app while you are doing them. It requires constant BLE connection with the app without interference. The maximum amount of sensors that Notch Pioneer supports for the real time mode is 6. During the regualr (non-real-time) capture mode data transfer happens upon completion of the recording. You can use up to 18 sensors (depending on the smarpthone) for the real-time mode.

How many notches can I use for capturing a movement?

The limit for the real time capture is 6 notches, for regular, non-real-time capture mode the maximum is 18 notches, depending on the Android device.

Wear your notches

Do I need to place notches on some particular part of the limb?

Place all notches on the front side of your body. Each notch LED indicates which part of the body this notch corresponds to as shown on the “Placement” screen.

How tight should I adjust the straps?

Make sure the notches cannot rotate or move during motion-analysis recording for the best results. Keep the straps as tight as possible/comfortable.

Steady pose

What is a steady pose?

The steady pose is a still starting position performed once in the beginning of the recording session. Recording session means any number of recodings performed without taking notches or straps off the body.

When can I skip steady pose?

When using this feature, the steady pose is taken from the first 2 seconds of any capture. In this case the capture must start from the steady pose. We recommend this feature in more dynamic activities where the straps may move between sessions, e.g. jumping, running, dancing etc.

Why is steady pose necessary?

During the Steady pose notches will memorize their orientation so that it is matches to the predefined skeleton pose. It is important that you follow instructions for the steady pose as close as possible. Make sure you face in the same direction when you start capturing that you faced during the steady pose.

Capturing motion

How long can I capture?

Notches have an onboard FLASH memory allowing to capture 2+ hours at 40Hz. For 100Hz it is 30mins but for 500Hz 8mins is the maximum.

Downloading the data

Automatic downloading

Default setting for capturing is auto download. Once the recording is complete, notches will start transferring the information one by one. The notch that is currently transferring the data will be blinking blue light.

Download via wire, using Origo

You can use the desktop app called “Origo” to download the data to the via the dock. You can get Origo from our website:

How do I download the raw data and export the csv file?

You should download the measurement from the notches first. If you did disable the automatic download feature at the end of the capture (or a failure happened while downloading the data) you can go to the Library tab in the Pioneer App and download the measurement. The measurement will start playing once it has been downloaded, otherwise you will see a popup indicating that you should download this measurement. Please make sure all the notches that you have used to make the recording are on and charged. You can export the downloaded measurement by selecting it in the Library tab. Swipe left on desired measuement, you will see the Export button. The csv can then be shared using the standard share methods of your phone/tablet.

Where can I get the exported files?

On Android you can get the exported files in /SDCard/notch_library folder.

Technical specification

What kind of sensors do you use?

Notches use onboad MEMES sensors, including accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer

Gyroscope range

±250, ±500, ±1000, ±2000, ±4000 dps

Accelerometer range

±2, ±4, ±8, ±16, ±32 g

Magnetometer range

±4/ ±8/ ±12/ ±16 gauss

Sampling frequency

5Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz, 40Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz, 125Hz, 200Hz, 333Hz, 500Hz

How can I acquire the gyroscope, accelerometer data?

Gyroscope and accelerometer data is exported to CSV if the license is extended. Look for SensorData_{bonename}.csv files.

Can I acquire the magnetometer data?

No we do not provide raw magnetometer data.

How can I obtain angular speed, linear speed, and others measurements more than range of motion?

You can export angles and positions per frame for each bone in a CSV format. This option is available from the Pioneer App Visualiser screen’s drop-down menu. You can calculate linear speed from the position data, angular speed from the angle data by simply numerically derivating.

What is the accuracy of the sensors?

Properly calibrated Notch device’s static accuracy is about 1-2° yaw / pitch / roll. Accuracy of the whole system depends on the number of parameters - correct steady pose, tight fit of sensors throughout the measurements and possibility of magnetic interference from environment. Our algorithms account for biomechanics and sensor errors, but sensor drift may accumulate over time during recording session. If you have specific activity in mind that has some specific accuracy requirements - let us know - we would be happy to answer your questions.


What is the battery life of notches?

Battery life depends on the configuration (frequencies, use of LEDs) but you can expect notches to record continuously as long as necessary to fill up the memory. In non-continuous mode (record - download - review) notches can record for up to 6 hours.

What kind of batteries do notches have?

Rerchargable, Lithium-polymer battery.

How long does it take to fully charge the notches?

It takes about 1 hour to charge your devices under sufficient power (>500mAh). During charging, the notch blinks green and switches to steady green light once the battery is close to full.

How long can I charge the notches?

We recommend to unplug the dock after more than 6 hours of charging.

Firmware update

What is firmware update?

Firmware is the operating system running on your notches. We are constantly working on new features and improvements, so we recommend you to keep your notches up-to-date.

Where can I find the firmwar update?

Firmware update can be initiated from the Pioneer App’s My Notches screen.

How can I put the notch into Firmware update mode?

To put a notch to firmware update mode, gently squeeze the device for 8 -10s, until it shines with continous blue light.

The long does the update take?

It takes about 1 minute per notch depending on the firmware version. Every once in a while we release a bigger update, where the firmware update becomes a multi-step process that can take up to 5 minutes / notch. You can think of this process as of updating from windows 7 to 8.

How can I know if the update was succesful?

Once the progress bar is full, the following popup message would appear: “Firmware transfer succesful” / “Upload completed”. You can check the firmware version in My Notches tab of Pioneer app - each of your paired notches would have a firmware version number.


What is the return policy?

If you are unhappy with your Notch kit you can return it within 3 days in good condition (straps undamaged and intact, all items present)

Do we store any credit / debit card information?

No. We process the orders through Stripe. Learn more:

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept creditcards such as: VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express. We also accept payment via paypal as well.

What is the order’s process time?

When we have available kits on stock, processing your order takes about 2-3 days.

Where do you ship?

We ship to most of the countries, worldwide.

How long does the shipping take?

Depending in the destination and shipment method chosed. We ship the Notch kits from our USA (NYC) warehouse. Standard USPS takes about 3-5 business days for continental shipments, and 7-12 days for intercontinental shipments.

What method do you use for shipping? (What company?)

For standard shipping the delivery is via USPS, for expedited is via DHL.

Notification and tracking

When your order is processed and the package is ready for shipment, you will receive a shipment notification for the email address provided.

General Shipping and Handling Information

Taxes and VAT

Your order from Notch Interfaces Inc. may be subject to local duties and taxes just like any purchase you make over the Internet. For US there is a tax for people ordering in New York state.

Extended licence

What is extended licence?

With extended licence you gain acces to many features including custom steady pose, various 3d modells etc. You can extract raw sensor data (acceleration, gyroscope) from the sensors as well.

How much does an extended licence cost?

Our extended SDK licence cost $49/year, but the first 3 months are for free!

Where can I get extended licence?