Motion Capture on
Your Phone

“Notch sensors and app will be a revelation.”

ganiodayo (Notch iOS app user)

"3D motion tracking system you'll actually want to use"

Easy as 1-2-3


Wear Notches

Put on notch 3d motion trackers, do quick calibration, steady pose - you are ready for capture motion


Capture Motion

Your smarpthone will capture your Notch 3d motion data in real-time, or synchronize movements for later review


View, Export, Analyze

Watch avatar perform 3D visualization of your movement on smartphone, save animations or export the motion data

Product Details


  • smallest imu Intuitive: 3D recording in under 2 minutes
  • lightest imu Tiny and light: less than 10 grams
  • customizeable imu Use Notch apps or integrate into your software
  • imu with long battery life Long battery life and quick-charging
  • waterproof imu Water-resistant 3d motion capture
  • capture motion 3D data as .CSV or animation as .BVH

  • Modularicon
    6 motion capture devices
  • DockIcon
    charging dock
  • Hoursicon
    carrying bag
  • Rangeicon
    6 straps
  • Smallicon
    clip mount


    motion capture appFREE Apps for iOS & Android
    motion capture sdkAndroid & iOS SDK
free motion captureEcosystem of 3rd party motion capture and motion analysis apps
mocap system

NOTCH Pioneer apps

Use the Notch Pioneer apps to setup your notch
motion capture devices, record 3D movement,
download motion data, and review the animation
in the interactive 3D visualizer.
motion capture on iphone motion capture on android

Try free Notch Pioneer apps
on your phone now:

Starter Capture

1 kit / 6 notches

Record one or two limbs, limbs with objects in hands or upper or lower extremities, spine.

  • Over 90 unique configurations

Full Body Capture

2 kits / 12 notches

Capture whole body or include hands or feet in recordings of upper or lower extremeties.

  • Over 120 unique configurations

Total Capture

3 kits / 18 notches

Perform full-body recordings with maximum granularity and added equipment.

  • Over 180 unique configurations

Online 3D Motion Visualization

3D Motion Capture

"Powered by Notch" Motion Analysis and Mocap In Your Industry

Performance Analysis

Sports biomechanics and insights
Up to 500hz recording frequency
Performance analysis for any sport
Record equipment motions
Waterproof motion capture

Healthcare & Wellness

Verified accuracy suitable for
healthcare and ergonomic studies;
Motion analysis for clinical trials
Real-time streaming or background
recordings for longitudal studies

3D Animation mocap, VR, AR

BVH and FBX export for recordings
Lateral Translations of movement
Motion Builder, Blender, iClone

Powered by Notch

Next generation 3d motion analysis apps and products powered by your domain expertise and Notch motion capture technology.

golf swing biomechanics

“4D Motion is a simple, portable and affordable way for you to get into the 3D space. No more guessing, very easy to understand and communicate to your student.“

PGA National Teacher of the Year

golf swing analysis app biomechanics of golf